Our Story

floodlight design was started in a one bedroom apartment in 2007 by joe and his wife kerri.

We saw an opportunity to work closely with designers — to not keep them in the dark about their website development — and to deliver sites that stayed true to their design and vision.

We Believe

Working with a developer should not be a super secretive and difficult experience.

Our name was inspired by our desire to shine a big, bold light in otherwise dark and unknown places. We help clients see and understand what they can do on the web. We love technology and sharing what it can do to help our clients reach their goals.

Fun Facts

We've worked with All sorts of clients

From bank security sites to people who sell baby diapers

We have over


Years of Collective development experience

All our code

is made in Illinois

How we work with you

We aim to make things easy.

Relationships are very important and playing the right role in a relationship can be the difference between a successful experience and a frustrating one. We do our best to ensure a great experience for all our clients, so we offer a variety of different ways we can work with you and your client.

Open Communication

We take care of the project management and just work with you on the creative.

Our Team

Small but mighty!

Joe Liu

Principal, Grillmaster

Dan Milano

Technical Director, Runner

Kerri Liu

Creative Director, Designer

Kevin Yanno

Developer, Adventurer

Lucy Liu

Senior Labrador, Relaxer

Join Us


We are always looking for experienced developers to join our growing firm. We typically look for interns and new graduates that have a true passion for website development. You’d be a great fit if you have a CS degree (or engineering degree) and appreciate beautiful design. Our firm is truly at the intersection of technology and creativity so appreciating design is an important aspect.

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@floodlight celebrates having a focused team that creates exceptional website experiences. #pixelperfect