Global Fund for Children

Partnering to build a safe world

The global fund for children needed a centralized place to keep their donors engaged with the powerful work they are doing. After recently conducting a branding overhaul they needed a website to reflect that new identity. We worked with our design firm partners throughout the process and ensured the site was a joy to browse through. We continue to support this client with ongoing support and enhancements to their new platform.

Bold Visual Impact
Engaging Mobile Experience
Mobile First

Built with the mobile user in-mind from the beginning. We ensured that users on mobile devices had a unique experience that made sense to their device.

Engaging Content

Throughout the site users are served content features that help them explore the site at a deeper content level.

Global Footer

Well organized footer with vertical mobile layout helps users navigate to key areas of the site without scrolling back up to the main navigation.

Interactive Map

The client provided services in a variety of places across the globe so as a helpful navigational element to the site we developed an interactive map that allowed users to navigate to the specific regions they are interested in.


Click the link below to view more of the site and experience this unique method of navigating their projects.