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Floodlight is a full service digital innovation agency

We are a team of intensely talented thought-leaders equipped with decades of technical expertise. Our highly strategic approach to functional complexities and seamless design allow us to create impeccable user experiences.

We are the builders behind each website's solutions, systems and tools that allow it to pivot and evolve to the desires and demands of its users. We collaborate with marketing firms, IT teams, design agencies and freelancers to bring big ideas to life through the brands we build and digital magic we make happen. From discovery to delivery, we lead effortlessly, manage meticulously, and inspire teams to enjoy the ride.


  • Research
  • Content Development
  • Analytics
  • Technical Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Audit & Planning


  • Web Application Design
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Consulting


  • Front-end / Back-end Development
  • API Integration
  • Data Migration
  • E-Commerce Solution Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Hosting Management

We build brilliant solutions

Global Websites
We help your brand effectively communicate with your consumers all over the world, no matter where they are or what language they speak, and we have a successful track record of building easy-to-use hubs for managing your international presence.
Responsive UI/UX
A user's first impression of your website takes milliseconds. Their experience in that amount of time determines not only their impression of your brand, but also whether or not they drop off of or ever return to your site. That's why we strategically build websites for our clients and optimize them for superior user experiences on desktop, laptop, mobile, and other devices.
Custom Web Apps
The custom web apps we develop from scratch are forward-thinking, rooted in our expertise in consulting, prototyping, structuring, designing, building and maintaining. To give your site a competitive advantage, we build on the cutting edge with future innovations in mind, adding value to your brand as we walk the line from "concept" to "robust platform."
Smart Intranets & Extranets
We make your intranet as smart on the inside as your extranet looks on the outside. We create a meticulously developed custom platform for your intranet so your team's login and user experience is simple, sleek, relevant and securely integrated with the rest of your site.
Content Management Systems
We know you want to maintain your site's content in the most efficient way possible. That's why at the very start of your project, we advise you on the best possible interface for your needs. We utilize the world's leading CMS platforms (WordPress, Shopify, and more) in combination with our own custom CMS platforms to create streamlined web-based interfaces for your site management.
We know an intuitive online shopping experience is not only how you build relationships with your consumers, but it's also crucial for sales. We put proven strategic thought into every click, ensuring each interaction a user has with your site keeps them on the path to purchase, conversion or at least a repeat visit. Whether we heavily customize an existing platform or build an e-commerce experience from scratch, we develop your e-commerce site so it will integrate seamlessly with your POS systems and present beautifully.
Whether it's the clunky, heavily formula'd spreadsheet that only one person knows how to update or the redundant tasks your staff is repeating, we will fix whatever is stopping up your efficiency. We have deeply rooted experience in developing tools to help automate, streamline, and centralize your operations to improve overall efficiency and boost potential for growth.

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Be Open
Floodlight was founded on the belief that clients should have full transparency (and a hand in) the process of building their digital experience. We work together with you, keep lines of communication open, and share the keys that drive your website. We point a floodlight at technical challenges and turn them into a product that shines.
Produce Quality Custom Builds
We don't believe in a "first time"; we believe in getting it right the "only time." And we go to great lengths in preparing for a build to ensure every aspect of what we create is superb down to every last detail and has functionality with longevity that simplifies maintenance.
Be Accessible
We are our own translators. We know the solutions we provide are as complex as the challenges you need them for, and we break it down for you in a way that helps you visualize how everything is going to fall into place. We are there every step of the way clarifying what each step means for your brand because we know what your brand means to you.
Be Lightning-Quick
Our team is optimized for loading speed, and your website will be, too. Customization and brand expression take the front seat, but speed is the driver for your experience. We take that into account with every stage of developing your site's features and functionality.