Another year, another…

Nov 2022

…iPhone release.

In the design industry, many eagerly anticipate new product releases from Apple. Their announcements are well done (and at times over-the-top), but I look forward to seeing what an integrated design + technology company innovates on annually.

One feature particularly caught my eye this year and in true #apple fashion they named it….


Yes, it’s a goofy name, but I find the integration of concept + design + execution rather brilliant. They took a fixed hardware limitation and conceptualized how it could become useful to users. Instead of attempting to reduce and minimize it, they enhanced it, with additional functionality that I believe will bring delight and convenience to users.

Apple is one of the worlds largest (and most profitable) technology companies and a lot of that is due to them considering their #users first. They place their focus on details that make a difference to end users.

The next time we have to make a design decision to make I’d encourage us all to consider the users first. What would delight and surprise them? What would make their day-to-day interactions with technology more seamless? What may initially feel frivolous, but spark some joy that encourages continued engagement?

As we continue to see a melding of technology and reality (#metaverse), these questions will be paramount to how quickly technology is adopted.

Look forward to continue to delight our users.

PS > For us at Floodlight we are continuing to explore bringing delight to our users via tasteful animations and unexpected interactions.