Google Site Speed

Nov 2022

Google wants your website to be simpler for it process…even if it means removing their own products from the site. Confused?

We are too.

We occasionally have clients contact us with concerns about scary looking emails that they receive from Google saying their website isn’t “scoring” well. The messages that are sent out often sound like its the end of your site as Google knows it, but that is far from the truth.

We’ve run quite a few tests on Google performance “scoring” system the past year and have learned that Google’s own analytics scripts often are the culprit for site slow downs. To be fair, there are occasionally other external services (custom fonts, YouTube Videos, etc) that are often increasing the load-time on sites, but the belief that these adjustments are making your site “better” somehow isn’t true.

Many modern sites rely on external services for the purpose of integrating with social media, embedding video content, custom brand fonts, performing analytics, or a great number of other reasons. While we work to really minimize the dependency of our client’s sites on external services it is still necessary at times.

Our team is happy to look into any of these alerts for our maintenance clients, but please keep in-mind that we will be making changes to help make Google’s own tool happy and not necessarily to make your site “better”.

If you have any questions regarding an alert you’ve received feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to investigate further!