May 2023

How Do Hashtags Connect AI to Natural Language?

Hashtags may seem like a digital trend that is overdone, but when looked at closer, they unlock an interesting connection between our human experience, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

For example, when you see the hashtag #morningvibes, how would you describe what genre of songs would be contained in that playlist? You might say #chill, #upbeat, or #sunnyday, right? 

Understanding what users expect to see displayed under a given hashtag is something AI can work to solve.

Hashtags Provide Shared Language

Hashtags are used to translate users’ natural language into something that can generate information from machine intelligence. For example, the language we use to describe #morningvibes is something that YouTube Music is working on sorting out with Artificial Intelligence. 

The current problem is users are being overwhelmed by media. However, if users can use a common language to access artificial intelligence that recommends media they would enjoy, they reap the benefits.

How Hashtags Are Used in AI

With the rise of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), hashtags have taken on a new role in connecting the two technologies. They include understanding emotions and interpreting human language.

  • Understanding emotion: One way hashtags are used in AI is through sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is the process of using AI to analyze and understand the emotions and attitudes expressed in text. By analyzing the hashtags used in social media posts, AI algorithms can identify the sentiment behind the post and provide valuable insights into how people feel about a particular topic or brand.
  • Interpreting human language: Hashtags can also be used to train AI algorithms in Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is the branch of AI that enables computers to understand and interpret human language. By analyzing the usage and context of hashtags, AI algorithms can learn how language is used in real-world settings and improve their ability to understand and interpret human language.

What Is the Future of Hashtags and AI?

As AI and NLP continue to advance, the connection between hashtags and AI will only become stronger. One exciting area of development is using AI-powered chatbots to create more personalized and engaging social media experiences. 

By analyzing the usage and context of hashtags, chatbots can provide more relevant and helpful responses to social media posts, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for users.

Implementing AI in Web-Based Mobile Apps

Providing users with an alternative experience of your website/store/tool/platform on mobile devices is a powerful way to engage more mobile users. Features such as a specific user interface, mobile-optimized interactions, notifications, and specialized bookmarking tips help your organization gain all the benefits of a native mobile application with no drawbacks.

In Conclusion: Hashtags Are Essential

Hashtags have become an essential part of our daily communication, and their connection to AI and NLP has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology. By using AI to analyze the sentiment and context of hashtags, the content you are searching for will get that much simpler to curate and find.