Nov 2022

We live in a time that is overflowing with data.

There are tools to track clicks, views, purchases, shares, and even eye movement.

Business owners are often hyper-focused on these metrics to ensure their advertising spends pay off in long term customers. For some e-commerce businesses this is an effective approach, but what about all the other professional service providers, NGOs, education providers, research labs, and other long sale cycle businesses? What is the key for them to leverage their website to grow their business and smooth their sales process?

I’d propose that the key aspect of conversion for these businesses is DELIGHT.

When a user visits a website and they have a delightful experience, that is going to move the needle towards them becoming a client in a way that can’t be tracked by traditional metrics. Whether that feeling is created by engaging visuals, witty copy, or just an unexpected menu experience – delight is what websites need to strive for.

About a year ago we updated our firm’s site with an intro animation and since then, we’ve had many conversations with our clients that have started with “we saw your website and had to reach out…”. The other aspects of a well performing website need to still be present, but adding that touch of delight makes your site memorable.

We can zoom out and see how this applies to other areas of life as well. If you think of an unexpected call from a friend, a visitor stopping by, donuts on a random Friday, or even an especially brilliant sunrise…we can all connect to how these little moments of delight can significantly shift our state of being on any given day.

Metrics can be useful, but the real game changer, is creating delightful experiences for your clients….and others around you.