Why Build a Custom Site?

A custom website, tailor-made for your content and your brand will transform how you communicate.

It can be difficult for clients to fully process the specific differences of custom solutions vs. prebuilt themes and templates.

On our occasion, our clients will have questions about “quick, easy, and cheap” website solutions. In our experience, the pitfalls far outweigh the potential for immediate cost savings. Our clients tend to place tremendous value in their brand and the content they create. No off the shelf product is magically built around their image.

A site that fits your content: we take a content first approach in any of the projects we work on. Most builder platforms take the reverse approach and you are left hoping your content architecture doesn’t get completely reworked in the build process. Taking this content first approach ensures that your users have an intuitive experience from the minute they access your site.

A site that conveys your brand: a custom built site allows for unlimited branding and design flexibility for your new site. You don’t want to look like everyone else in your sector and you can ensure that your message is communicate.

A site that is relevant for many years to come: building a custom site ensures that the site can be maintained and expanded on for many years without hitting the limit of the platform you’ve chosen.

A site that you own: many website builder platforms allow you to “lease” the site as long as you continue to pay and remain on their platform. All the sites we build are fully owned by our clients and we offer ongoing support at their option.

A site that is search engine optimized: many quick and easy website platforms (WIX, Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress.com) offer a promise of allowing you to build a site that performs well for search engines. This year Google’s algorithm will be significantly reworked to heavily prioritize page load times as an indicator of search priority. Website builder platforms are inherently slow loading and bloated due to the one-size-fits-most approach.