Opportunity Insights

Data driving policy change

Opportunity Insights has been conducting research for many years and finally was ready to share their revolutionary findings. They needed a web platform that could handle HUGE traffic spikes (up to 1M uniques daily) and clearly communicate their data-backed research. We consulted with their selected design firm to build a site that could handle the user-load and allow users simple access to the content they were seeking.

Exceptional User Experience

Noteworthy Interface Details

Engaging HTML5 Video

Insightful user experience on a wide variety of devices

Streamlined content management to allow the organization’s research findings to be easily added and modified as-needed. Users benefit from easily browsing through all of the client’s research data.

Robust Data Library
Solutions Developed
Custom Menu

Large drop down menu helped provide context to users when navigating through the site. This helps users find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Raw Data

Transparency and replication of data is an important aspect of this organization’s work. Allowing users to browse through their datasets easily was important.


Outlining possible training opportunities with the organization in a clear and simple format helps give users a path to implementation.

Press Center

Opportunity Insights has gained a lot of attention from major news outlets and needed a place on the site to showcase all of that coverage. We built a graphic press center that allowed users to quickly browse through.

Team Members

The team at this organization is what gives all their findings credibility and authenticity. Building a section on the site to connect users with their team was of utmost importance.

Flexible Expansion

We built a templated solution that allows the team to easily add additional content pages to the site as it grows. This is illustrated well by the Neighborhoods page which leverages this template to communicate primary goals of their research.