Floodlight Design believes there is a code every web developer should live by - one that honors the delicate balance between creativity, technology, engineering, and pixels.


We believe in the power and flexibility of open source platforms.

Our whole development process is open to our clients. We are more then happy to explain the technical complexities of development or just take care of it for you.

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“Build your home on smart code, and you will be seen as brilliant.”
— (Not-So) Ancient Floodlight Proverb

We believe in efficient, dynamic, and robust e-commerce solutions.

Ever dream about developing a custom cart and checkout process for a client? One that completely fits their branding and site design? The open-source platform framework that we've built allows for just that. Part the clouds and brighten your client's day by partnering up with us for your next online store experience.

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We believe in designing for small screens.

We know that your clients are concerned about people viewing their sites on iPads, iPhones, a myriad of Android devices. We write standards compliant code, which means our sites will be usable on all these devices. We've also developed some specifically mobile sites for a distinctly different experience.

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We believe in beautifully crafted and lightning quick user interfaces.

Our interfaces are hand-coded with efficient JavaScript. You won't see us linking to 12 outdated jQuery libraries - we write custom code to streamline your experience and site load times.

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We believe in optimizing your site for whatever search engines throw at it.

The HTML of your pages is Google's roadmap for finding your business. We leave that focused on your message and separate out all styling to help out the Googlebot.

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We believe that you have the right to know all of the codes we live by.

Drop us a line and we'll get our credo out to you at the speed of light. Continental US addresses only.

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