Learning Lab

A collaborative cloud-based curriculum development platform

What if teachers across a school district could work together to strategize lesson plans?

We built a site that allowed School District 59 to establish cloud-based curriculum that helps enhance students’ learning and skill development. In other words, all of the district’s teachers can work together in real-time to create cohesive lessons relating to what students are learning in other subject areas, standardizing the teaching approach districtwide.

The platform also provides a vast resource library for teachers, including comprehensive revision history. This unified approach to teaching not only strengthens District 59’s overall curriculum offerings, but it also enhances their student success outcomes.

Seamless User Logins

We set up a custom authentication mechanism that allowed users to log in using the same credentials as the district directory. This provided simpler access and greatly reduced the previous barrier of needing an extra set of login credentials.

Solutions Developed
Tabbed Interface

User’s frequently would reference multiple lessons and units so building a system that allows users to quickly reference multiple items was paramount.

Sharing and Collaboration

The ability for users to share lessons with team members and allow simultaneous editing of that content was built with a Google Docs editor in mind.


It was important that users had a robust revision history to view what others had contributed or changed on their lesson plans.

Teaching Standards

We built a system to allow users to easily associate teaching standards with their lesson plans. This helped give teachers a roadmap in creating their lesson plan goals.

Intuitive Dashboard

With the ability to access so much library content there needed to be a simple way to find what was important to a single teacher. We developed a dashboard that allowed users to easily view what was most relevant to their work.

Auto Saving

Instantly saving all updates was built into the platform allowing teachers to focus on developing the content and not about how to use the tool.