Programmed to teach

TechSmart provides programming curriculum to school districts and other learning institutions. Their goal was to build a site with a very robust site of content, while still keeping the site engaging and easily digestible. We helped accomplish this by consulting heavily with the design firm to enhance each presentation of content with animations and other engaging interactions. It was important to the client to also have a seamless deployment process to their internal servers and we assisted in setting that up and that helped facilitate a 4 phase release process with no site downtime.

Exceptional User Experience

Noteworthy Interface Details

Engaging HTML5 Video

Insightful user experience on a wide variety of devices

Streamlined content management to allow the organization’s research findings to be easily added and modified as-needed. Users benefit from easily browsing through all of the client’s research data.

Clear Action Steps
Solutions Developed
Section-based Pages

The entire site is built on the concept of breaking up content in order to more easily engage users. The various page sections on the site help this by dividing concepts with visual differentiators.

HTML 5 Video

Demoing aspects of the various programs was important to TechSmart so we developed a system that supports rollover video previews and video snippets loading into the site.


The courses they offer needed a highly visual way to display the various options. We used graphics, animations, and bulleted information to help communicate this is a simple and easily digestible manor.