Ongoing Hosting / Maintenance / Support

The majority of our clients choose to work with Floodlight for their ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support needs.

Your website hosting can be thought of as the tires on your car; you don’t think about them often, but if they have an issue can be a big one! Floodlight works with the largest Cloud service providers (AWS & Cloudflare) to ensure that your site is always running smoothly. Also, if there are ever issues with your site loading our team typically is aware and working on a fix before any of your end-users are impacted. Our tools not only monitor downtime, but also various performance indicators to ensure that your site is performing well for search engines and users.

Regarding maintenance, Floodlight regularly installs updates for your CMS platform, any website extensions, and the operating system software of your web server. You never need to worry about security patches or other vulnerabilities as our team is consistently monitoring and making updates regularly.

If you ever need support using the CMS we’ve build for your site, our team is just a message away. The same team that built your site will respond to your questions within 24hrs (often sooner). We pride ourselves in thoroughly answering a question the first time and ensuring that your questions are fully resolved.

The ongoing maintenance of your site is essential to the effectiveness and security of your website. In order for your site to be a strong marketing platform for your organization you need to ensure your site is running well for many years to come. At Floodlight we pride ourselves at being effective, clear, and proactive with our ongoing service packages and can custom tailor them to your organization’s needs.