Web Application Design

Designing a web application is quite different from a common marketing website. The importance of wireframing, user-flows, and thinking through the various ancillary screens is of paramount importance. For example, thinking through all the needed content and design elements for a user registration flow or understanding that there needs to be a way for users to update payment information and subscription tiers.

The foresight Floodlight provides into this process helps the entire project to run smoothly on time and on budget. We act as consultants and implementers allowing a seamless experience for you, your stakeholders and your users.

We have also taken over the management of multiple complex custom developed systems including one for an insurance product that automates policy quotes, creation, renewal, and management. Learn more about this platform we modify and manage below.

Don’t mistake web application design as a standard website project and make sure you choose a partner that has the experience and foresight to see the project through to a successful launch.