Search Engine Optimization

Performing search engine optimization (SEO) on your new site is one way to help drive traffic to it. There are quite a few aspects of SEO and they sometimes overlap with search engine marketing (SEM) as well as overall marketing efforts.

First, SEO primarily involves coding (and populating) your site in a way that search engines prefer to crawl it. This includes creating proper page titles, heading tags, alt tags on images, navigational elements, etc. These are all aspects of SEO that Floodlight considers from the start of a project and discusses with your team throughout. Another aspect of SEO is the load-time and performance of your site.

When you work with Floodlight for your ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support needs we ensure this part of your SEO strategy is yields strong results.

Finally, carefully considering the content on your site and developing a content plan is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy. The search engines want to weight sites with strong, relevant content for the search terms you are targeting. This translates to releasing news items, press releases, updated projects, case studies, research items, etc regularly. Also keep in-mind that SEM and your overall marketing efforts will also support your SEO goals as no single aspect will be effective on its own.